Learn how to create 2d pet prints.


Founded in 2004 the owner has 20+ years experience running this award winning 2D Pet Impressions Training Course teaching student students from the UK and overseas how to create 2D impressions.

Glenda will take you through every step in a professional and relaxed manner. Working with real animals of various ages in a fun and friendly environment learning.

One to one teaching in a purpose built studio in Poole, Dorset.

About The 2D Pet Impressions Training Course

This course is ideal for those looking to turn their hobby into a business. Pets are a huge part of the family and people want to celebrate this.

Another area, which has grown over the years is keepsakes for pets who have sadly passed. If you work at a Pet Cremation or at a Veterinary Practice this is a must for you.
2D impressions are a particularly good keepsake to offer clients. It is more flexible and adaptable with wriggly pets than the 3D castings. Students have learnt how to create horse, rabbit, cat, chicken and dog paw and nose 2d impressions.

Start Your Own Business working with animals

Start your own fun and profitable, home-business making pet business today. No high start-up costs like a Franchise, this is also the perfect add on to other keepsakes.

How Does It Work ?

Based in Dorset you will be invited to come to a purpose built studio. See how to work from your own home.

You will learn all aspects of how interact with the client and pet. Create keepsakes framed or free-standing. How to create a logo, website, promote on social media and lots more.

This course is full of useful information Glenda has learnt over 20 years in the industry. Glenda will step you through every step in a professional and relaxed manner. Working with real pet models in a fun and friendly environment.

As with all the training workshops this is done on a one to one basis. This is something Glenda feels very strongly about. Everyone has a different style of learning and so the training is tailored at a pace that works for you.

Price : £500 PER DAY
Duration : ONE DAY

Products you will be trained to make on this 2d pet impression course

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