2d impressions training with Glenda at Precious Memories in Dorset.

2D Impressions Training Course

Glenda brings over 20 years of experience to the 2D Impressions Training Course, guiding students from the UK and abroad in creating beautiful 2D impression keepsakes. This workshop covers everything you need to know, allowing you to work with real models in a supportive and enjoyable setting.

Why Choose the 2D Impressions Workshop?

Struggling to find a family-friendly job? Rising childcare costs making work seem pointless? Our 2D Impressions Training Course could be your solution. Work from home, enjoy time with your family, and still earn by creating cherished keepsakes. Forget missing out on your child’s special moments; with this training, you can build a flexible, creative career that fits around your family life, not the other way around.

Recession-Proof Business

As a mum who’s been there, Glenda started Precious Memories to escape the work-family dilemma. Now, she’s sharing her experience building a successful home-based business in the UK or internationally, working with children and pets in a fulfilling role.

What Makes This Training Stand Out?

Glenda’s training is renowned for its emphasis on practical, hands-on learning, including making and learning from mistakes. This unique approach ensures you leave ready to tackle any challenge in your new business.

Hands-On Learning Experience

In our Dorset studio, you’ll get hands-on experience working with real models, from newborns up. Learn not just the art of 2D impressions, but also how to interact with clients to provide outstanding service.

About the 2D Impressions Course

With one-on-one training, Glenda ensures a personalised learning pace, suited to your style. You’ll not only master the art but also learn how to brand your business, create a website, and effectively use social media. This course, avoids the hefty startup costs typical of franchises, is an ideal addition to services like 3D castings, expanding your business offerings. Join our 2D Impressions Training Course and start your journey towards a flexible, creative career that fits around your family life.
Price : £500 PER DAY
Duration : ONE DAY

Products you will be trained to make on this 2D impressions course