3D Casts – Pet Prints

3D Casts - Pet Prints Capture that special bond of your of your beloved pet.

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3d pet paw cast

3D Casts of Pet Paws

Studio is in Lytchett Matravers in Poole.  When you come with your dog make sure you have thier favourite treats.  Distraction of food works nearly every time.
A 3d pet paw cast is not for every dog. If you have a lively dog or one with very long fur then it may not be possible. In this case, you should consider going for a 2d impression instead. This is so your dog does not suffer any discomfort whilst the process is happening.

How are 3d pet paw casts made?

In short, exactly the same way as human castings are using alginate.  This material is harmless. The process takes less than a minute.
Various stages take place to create a beautiful free-standing keepsake.

3D Pet Paw Casts Details

If you are interested contact Glenda
Call on 0773816146
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Beloved pet prints – of a rescue dog.

Phoebe the rescue Shih Tzu had her paw cast and created into a solid bronze paperweight.  Check out how she got on in this video:-

3D Pet Paw Cast of Hand holding Dog Paw

If you have a particularly calm dog the creation then this coudl be for you.  Hold their paw to show that special bond.  A beautiful way to remember their love and affection.

3D Casts – Pet Paws in luxury materials

For those looking for the ultimate in luxury you may want to consider having your cast created in one of the following options:-

  • Solid Bronze
  • Lead Crystal Glass
  • Hallmarked Sterling Silver

The Luxury Solid Bronze Pet Cast


This is by far the most popular option for many of our clients.  The detail is second to none.  Morevoer,  the final finish is incredibly heavy. 
3D pet paw cast in solid bronze

Memorial Dog Paw Casting – Liefie

Sadly, our pets are sometimes taken before their time. This was true for Liefie, a much loved pet who had a sudden heart attack at the age of six. The client was desperate to have a keepsake created to remember Liefe by and time was running out.  I travelled to the dog crematorium and a  paw cast was taken of Liefie.  From this two stunning solid bronze engrved paperweight keepsakes were created in Liefie’s memory.

“Dear Glenda - The casts arrived yesterday... we are all stunned by what you have managed to do and just can’t thank you enough, obviously very emotional for us but these will provide wonderful memories. Thank you again”.
from Hampshire

Lead Crystal Glass – 3D Dog Paw Casting

This option looks stunning when complimented with a slate mount.  Positioned near daylight allows you to fully apreciate all the intricate detail captured at the time of the casting.

Prices – 3D Pet Castings?

This will vary depending on the material you choose and also the size of your dog.

Love Pet Paws

Why not consider getting one of our love frames?

Pet Paw Frame in Love Frame in oak
frame created by my student Nicole

3D Cast – Pet Paws

It is recommended you call Glenda on 07738165146 or email info@precious-memories.co.uk to discuss your requirements further.