3D Handcastings – Weddings & Anniversaries

Special Handcastings for Weddings and Anniversaries

Our 3D Handcastings for Weddings and Anniversaries make beautiful gifts.  So if you are looking to buy the Bride & Groom a unique gift this could be your answer.  Or are your grandparents celebrating their silver or golden wedding anniversary?  Our 3D Hand Castings are a truly special gift for any couple to have.

Unique Wedding and Anniversary Gifts in Dorset

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.  At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.”

What is the process to create a 3D Handcasting?

Alginate (a material dentists use) is an amazing material which picks up lots of details. The process takes approximately one minute to set once hands touch the mixture.  It changes colour so we know when you can remove your hands.  The next stage requires the pouring of plaster. Once the plaster is hard and cool we can remove the alginate to reveal the 3D Handcasting.

How much is a 3D Handclasp?

Holding hands is a natural way of life to symbolise love & trust.  The 3D Handcastings for weddings and anniversaries is a great way to showcase the love of a couple.
For a bride and groom who may already have everything for their home this is a fabulous alternative.
Grandparents love the experience of having a 3D Casting taken. The final results are fascinating. So not only do you buy a precious gift but also a once in a lifetime exprrience too.
Turnaround is approximately 4 weeks and prices start from £180.  There are various wax and paint finishes for the 3D Castings which include:-
– silver
– gold
and bronze.

Contact Details

To enquire email info@precious-memories.co.uk or call 07738165146