Losing a pet during the Pandemic

losing a pet during the pandemic (2)

Losing a pet during the pandemic As well as the loss of humans. I have met clients who have experienced losing a pet during the pandemic.  The death of a beloved pet dog is devastating. Pets have always been a huge part of my life, so I absolutely understand the bond that forms over the […]

Precious Memories for beloved #Willdoes

#willdoes dorset charity to help young people with mental health issues

Something no parent wants to face I will never forget the day I was on Facebook and a post popped up that stopped me in my stride.  It didn’t make sense and set my head in motion. I saw another mum was online so messaged her asking about the post I had read. The worse […]

How to Create Precious Memories during Covid-19

Family life during Coronavirus

Life is not as we know it. I awake to another day of the unknown.  The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has created a new set of rules.  Consequently, my daily exercise around eerie streets is the norm.  Clock set for five o’clock each day to hear the latest update from the government.  In these unprecendented times […]

Loss of beloved pet turned into precious print keepsake

deceased pet paw print in frame with photograph using inkless wipe kit

According to the RSPCA the UK pet population in 2018* estimated that we owned: 9.0 million dogs 8.0 million cats In the UK, it’s estimated that 12 million (44 percent of) households have pets* . Around 51 million pets owned. I grew up with dogs as a child. Since I married in 2004 I have had […]

Graeme Swann raises money for local charity with 3D Casting

graeme swann england cricket bowler finalist helps raise money for charity with 3d casting

Graeme Swann, has 3D HandCasting to raise money for charity. Graeme agreed to the casting, which took place at his home. He also donated a rare signed photograph of the England Test Squad V India 2011. As well as his signed shirt.   To ensure the cast was authentic at the auction it included:- – a signed […]

Silver Fingerprint Charm Kits

Silver Fingerprint Charm Kits What is in a silver fingerprint kit? If you are not able to travel to the studio here in Poole, Dorset to get your fingerprint charm created then all is not lost.  Our silver fingerprint kit is very simple to use as many times as you need to create a fingeprint […]

Precious Memories gives rescue dog paw casting a new home

I grew up with dogs being a big part of the family and when I got married in 2001 within two weeks I had a West Highland Terrier puppy called Crumble and a German Shepherd puppy called Legend.   However, whilst Crumble was still around I was approached by a lady asking if I would consider […]