Creative ways to embrace Lockdown

Creating Precious Memories during Lockdown

After nine weeks of lockdown do you need some inspiration with your children?  Check out how I got some of my clients to use their creative ways to embrace lockdown here in sunny Dorset.

creative ways to embrace lockdown with your baby
creative ways to embrace lockdown with art

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

Alternative ways to create precious memories during lockdown

I have been running my Precious Memories, in Lytchett Matravers, Dorset for the past 16 years.
What I do is capture the ‘precious memories’ for clients in a very unique way. These can be creative gifts which include:-
for humans and pets.  The products preserve each intricate crease and fold in perfect detail forever.  The gifts are ideal for special occasions. Christenings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. For proud new parents and grandparents treasuring the gifts for years to come.
Sadly, I also deal with sensitive issues of memorial keepsakes. This means I am working closely with funeral directors, hospitals and vets.
Yet, with the social distancing laws in force due to Covid-19 the studio is currently closed. This means creating memories is limited
precious memories during lockdown
creating memories during lockdown

Boost morale offering creative ways to embrace lockdown

“It’s incredibly difficult as now, more than ever, creating precious memories. Memories are there to remind you of family and friends of special times. I strongly feel that during this surreal time this has never been so important
“I wanted to create something to boost morale for parents. Some were struggling with all this extra time on their hands and not knowing how to fill it. They also needed ideas to keep their children entertained too.
“To encourage some quality time together as a family I came up with this fun idea. A unique and simple way of expressing their ideas through art and crafts in a fun way.
“Each word when pieced together creates a very special message.


lockdown uk message stay safe from precious memories 3d casting company
lockdown be kind message from precious memories in dorset
creating a great impression during lockdown

Can you share your creative ways to embrace lockdown with me?

“Parents loved doing this as it gave the children a real sense of purpose and achievement.
“The final collage acts as a reminder of a time which no-one has ever experienced before.
“In years to come they will look back and be reminded of the precious memories they created.”

The final piece looks amazing and made headline news in the local press. 

Glenda makes a great impression during the lockdown with special arts and crafts collages

Working life after Corona?

I know life will not be the same at the studio anymore.  What I do know is that I have some amazing clients and will meet more!  The talk of a baby boom is welcomed by me.  Business will be booming again.
Current clients are currently waiting to attend training courses. They have been exceptional in their understanding. Eager to learn when I will re-open. At present I am still following guidelines. I do hope my international students can travel to Dorset in the future too.
Whilst life is still surreal I know my role in creating precious memories is not quite the same. It will continue at some point and for that I am forever grateful. In the meantime, I will offer support to local parents where I can.  Do you have any creative ways to embrace lockdown you want to share with me?