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3D Casting Training Courses

Glenda, with over two decades of expertise offers her 3D Casting Training Courses, imparting knowledge to students locally and internationally on the skills and techniques needed to craft beautiful 3D casting keepsakes.

In the hands-on 3D Casting Training Workshop, you’ll dive into all the techniques needed to create memorable keepsakes, working with real models in a supportive and enjoyable setting.

Why Choose Our 3D Casting Training Workshop?

In today’s world, balancing family life with work is challenging, especially with rising childcare costs. This course offers a fulfilling alternative, allowing you to cherish family time while building a flexible and profitable business.

Yearn for somthing flexible you can fit around Family Time?

Say goodbye to missing out on precious family moments. This course ensures you can be there for your child’s milestones and provides a creative outlet for you, that benefits both you and your loved ones.

Recession-Proof Business

As a mother who faced similar challenges, Glenda founded Precious Memories to overcome the balance of growing a successful business without missing out on family life. Now, you can do the same, creating a home-based business in the UK or internationally, working with children and pets in a fulfilling role.

Is the 3D Casting Training Right for You?

Our training is renowned for its excellence and customer service. Learn from Glenda’s 20+ years of experience and avoid common pitfalls by making mistakes during training, ensuring you’re well-prepared to serve your clients effectively.

How Does It Work?

Our Dorset-based studio is designed for optimal learning, with various 3D casting examples to inspire your setup. You’ll engage directly with clients and learn to work with models of all ages, mastering the differences of each age group.

About The Courses

Introduction to 3D Casting Workshop

This one-day workshop is perfect for beginners, covering everything from basic techniques to the final touches in creating the perfect baby casting. Glenda’s expert guidance ensures a professional and relaxed learning environment. The course also covers essential business skills like branding and social media promotion, drawing on Glenda’s 20 years of industry insights.

Depending on your goals, you may choose to advance your skills with further workshops.

Advanced 3D Casting Workshop

This workshop focuses on advanced casting techniques, including 3D Handclasps and Family Trees.  Both are very popular products.

You’ll leave with hands-on experience and your own crafted samples, benefiting from Glenda’s personalised training approach that caters to your learning style.

This course enables you to avoid the hefty startup costs typical of franchises. Indeed, you could also complement this course with some of my other courses covering the 2D Impressions training or Silver Fingerprint training. 

Price : £500 PER DAY

Day 1 – Products you can learn to make on this 3d casting course

Day 2 – Products you can learn to make on an advanced 3d casting course

Day 3 – Products you can learn to make on an advanced casting course

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