3D Castings – In Loving Memory

3D Castings – In Loving Memory

All 3D castings – In Loving Memory are initially created in precious plaster. Due to the fragile nature of plaster we recommend to have them created in the following finishes:-
We are happy to be work with funeral directors or midwives.   If you feel this would be easier than speaking to us direct.  Finally, we never charge full price for this particular service.

“Tiny Feet with Tiny Toes.  A beautiful face with a tiny nose.  Now a twinkling star shining bright. Forever at peace in eternal light”

Baby Angel 3D Foot Cast Urn to hold ashes in solid bronze

These baby foot casts were tiny 3d castings – in loving memory, created to hold ashes.  The original plaster casts were not created by Precious Memoires. This was not a problem. We are often sent the original plaster casts to create into luxury casts. To create the bronze casts there are a few stages before which include:-
  • silicone moulds
  • waxes
The client was very specific with their requirements. They asked that the original casts were not altered in any way. This was not a problem, so we left them as we received them.

Baby Lucy 3D Castings – In Loving Memory – Born Premature

Lucy was 17 weeks premature. Her parents asked Precious Memories to cast her hand and foot. The casts were then created in to Hallmarked Sterling Silver Casts. They were approximately 10mm long by 10mm wide. The original plaster casts were placed in a frame. We did a lot of liaising with the Funeral Directors.
A few months later we received the following note from Lucy’s parents

 “So sorry to have left it so long before coming back to you. Getting the casts and actually looking at them (after having the box for a while before opening it!) was a very emotional time for us.   We are amazed at the detail that you managed to get. The hand-crafted process you did with the casts is breathtaking. Considering their size and the condition that Lucy must have been in . We're so appreciative of you taking the casts from her as it can't have been that pleasant an experience.   Thank you for everything that you have done for us. We are so pleased to have something tangible to remember Lucy by”.

Libs 3D Castings - In loving memory- 13 years old passed away with cancer

Family of four travelled two and half hours to the studio to have various castings created.  Mum Karen, told me about her dagher Libs. After enduring treatment for cancer the family learnt it had not worked. Libs had weeks to live. The family wanted to create some precious memoris. The mum said ‘you are the one I want to create them’.  This was very difficult for me as Libs was the same age as my own daughter (13) at the time. 
One item created was a hallmarked sterling silver hand for her mum to hold when Libs passed away.  The strength in which this family had to sit and create this is something I will never forget.  The process was heartbreaking but an honour that I was part of it.

Contact Details for 3D Castings- In Loving Memory

Email details are info@precious-memories.co.uk or

Call 07738165146 and if no one answers please do leave a message