Silver Hand & Footprint Jewellery Training Course

Fancy learning how to create Hand, Foot, Paw, Drawing and Writing Silver Jewellery? With over 16 years experience training students from the UK and overseas, Glenda will take you through every step working with real models, in a fun and friendly environment. One to one teaching in a purpose built studio in Poole, Dorset.
3D Casting Training Studio Precious Memoires
2d hand and foot impressions

Silver Hand & Footprint Jewellery Training Course

Cost for Silver Hand and Footprint Jewellery Training Course – £400 for one day with lunch and refreshments included.

Location – Poole

(If you purchase the hand and footprint jewllery training course at the same time as the fingerprint charm course you will receive a £100 discount).

Why Choose Precious Memories hand and footprint jewellery training course?

Exceptional quality hand and footprint jewellery training course.  Founded in 2004 Precious Memories has created silver jewellery for many years. Students from the UK, but also overseas attend the hand and footprint jewellery training course.  This highlights just how good Glenda is.  The workshop is run from a self built studio in Dorset.

Follow on from Fingerprint Jewellery Course

This course follows on from our Fingerprint Jewellery course. It is ideal for those looking to turn their hobby into a business.
You will learn to take imprints of hands and feet. Use photopolymer to create detailed imprints into silver clay.
Start your own fun and profitable, home-business making Jewellery business today. No high start-up costs like a Franchise, this is the perfect add on to other keepsakes.

Client Testimonial for hand and footprint jewellery

The two charms created below were of two sons Josh and William.  Their handprints were taken and placed onto the charms. Along with their names which they wrote themselves.  The mother particularly loved the smiley face on the Josh charm as he always writes this. The client was so overwhelmed we she opened her gift she burst in to tears!  This is such a fabulous feeling to know you created something so precious.  Attend my one day course and you this could you be you too.
client testimonial of to silver heart handprint charms

Contact Details

Lost your job or furloughed during the 2020 pandemic?  Then this course could be the answer.  If you are interested in attending the hand and footprint jewellery workshop feel free to contact

Glenda on 07738165146

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